Working in an inspiring and comfortable space is key for creativity. When we were designing our new studio, it was important for me to keep things cozy, but open and light at the same time. The room had existing built-ins, that to be honest, were a tad intimidating to fill at first. However, over the course of a few days, it wasn’t too difficult to shelve the many photo shoot props and coastal treasures that I’ve accumulated over the years. I kept the overall palette neutral, adding pops of color with our large art prints and various accessories. I’m always drawn to non-traditional desks, and knew I wanted an oversized farmhouse-style table for mine. It allows me to spread out, not only when on the computer or phone… but when painting or meeting with clients. Having organizational bins for all the ‘little things’ was really high on my list, and I love the texture you get from mixing materials: wooden boxes, chunky baskets and wire crates. On that note, combining the old with the new adds an eclectic and welcoming feel to any space, I think! Incorporating a large chalkboard wall gives me the chance to quickly jot down notes and ideas, while adding a bit of playfulness to the studio. (My boys love drawing on it, too!) I’ve had a few delightful work spaces along the way… I’m looking forward to spending time in this one!


Photography: Brea McDonald